The Power of Burlesque with Marki de Sade | Episode 027

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the beautiful Marki de Sade, a Burlesque Queen and breast cancer survivor. Located in the Columbus, Ohio area, Marki has been using burlesque as a form of expression while flipping illness on its head. Marki shares her story, which has been nothing short of extraordinary. After receiving a BRCA2… Read More

Pink Perfect Prosthetic Nipple for Breast Cancer: Michal Koleth Arbel | Episode 024

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the one and only Michal Koleth Arbel , founder and CEO of Pink Perfect, a personal favorite brand of mine that creates prosthetic nipples for those afflicted by breast cancer. Michael shares how she came up with the idea, the steps she took, and how it has changed her… Read More

Episode 020 | Cancer Through the Years with Sarah Fisher Hartley

Universe, what’s good?! We’ve made it to episode two-zero. In this episode, I interview Sarah Fisher Hartley, a 30+ year breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed at 29 like me, Sarah has quite the perspective as she was pregnant at the time she received the devastating news.  If you are in need of hope, this episode is for… Read More

Young Cancer Survivor — 35-Years Later by Sarah Fisher Hartley

Reprinted with permission from BRCAStrong, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering women with genetically predisposed reproductive system cancers, commonly known as “Previvors.” Founder and CEO Tracy Milgram-Posner has been featured on the podcast in Episode 002 discussing this wonderful organization. I was privileged to attend BRCAStrong’s “Music of My Soul” retreat in Fort Lauderdale, where I… Read More

Changes I’ve Been Going Through | Episode 003

World: What’s good?! This episode, I talk about the ins and outs of breast cancer and go a bit more in-depth about the overall experience with treatment. In addition, I discuss the physical and mental aspects survivorship brings and offer words of encouragement for you to keep on going. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!   BRCA Strong inspired a listener to… Read More

(NSFW) Foobs: 20 Things to Consider When Going Big…

Welcome back! Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday, as I was busy celebrating World Topless Day (no, not really, just had some other things to do). What better way to actually celebrate than to talk about SuperBoob and WonderTit?! While I’m not the biggest fan of the word “foob,” it’s literally the best way to describe reconstructed… Read More