“Universe, What’s Good?! ”  

We are so happy to have you here. Maybe you’ve heard those three dreaded words: “You have cancer.” Perhaps you’re trying to find the right gift for your co-worker who has just announced their diagnosis. Or, maybe you’re a Plastic Surgeon who is interested in relaying current information to your patient. Either way, The CanSurvivor’s Network is here to help you! 

Founded by Kelsey Smith in 2014, The CanSurvivor’s Network started as a video blog to keep loved ones updated on her own experience with stage two Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) at the age of 29. At the time of her diagnosis, Kelsey was physically active, she ate a nutrient-dense diet, and generally did the “right” things. Getting breast cancer was certainly not in her plan. It simply did not make sense!

Upon completing an aggressive chemotherapy regimen and undergoing a double mastectomy with reconstruction, Kelsey began to feel the mental, physical, and emotional anguish of being placed into uncharted territory as a young breast cancer survivor. It led her to an amazing discovery that products, services, and initiatives are available to help those impacted by this disease. From there, a podcast and advocacy organization was born. Kelsey felt the call like so many before her to turn pain into purpose, and the first episode of The CanSurvivor’s Network was released in April 2018. Kelsey has since created an online community for men and women impacted by cancer and continues to support various cancer-related initiatives. Kelsey is on a mission to release #TheBRAVERYou by helping clients take back their power, make an impact, and gain exposure in entrepreneurial ventures.

Purpose from Pain 

At The CanSurvivor’s Network, we understand that a cancer diagnosis changes everything. Many of the dreams we had for our futures have been crushed, forcing us to reevaluate our options. Through the immense pain we endured, we learned it is never too late to turn pain into purpose by helping others persevere.

Like many newly diagnosed individuals, Kelsey’s life was turned upside-down. The hours spent hiking the Arizona mountains were instead spent on numerous oncology and surgeon appointments, rendering simple tasks such as cleaning and grocery shopping impossible. All she wanted was for life to return to normal and upon the completion of treatment, Kelsey faced the reality that life was changed forever. Much to the dismay of herself and others, she did not bounce back the way she imagined. Her pre-cancer life was meant to end in order to open new doors and serve her purpose of helping others through the toughest period of their lives. If you are ready to release #TheBRAVERYou, click here to reach out to her directly!  

Our Mission 

Each year, more than one million individuals in the United States are diagnosed with cancer, yet many of us have felt isolated while having this disease. No one gives us a roadmap on how to persevere after enduring surgeries, chemotherapy, and facing our morality. As of June 2019, The CanSurvivor’s Network is developing into an organization with a mission: To eliminate financial toxicity caused by a cancer diagnosis through advocacy, education, and grants. We at The CanSurvior’s Network envision a world without bankruptcy caused by medical expenses. 

The CanSurvivor’s Network  

Since 2018, Kelsey has been asking, “Universe, what’s good?!” as she interviews guests to uncover products, services and stories relating to individuals with cancer. Bringing heart, knowledge, and reality to an often misunderstood disease, each episode aims to break stigmas and change the status quo. Kelsey is on a mission to release #TheBRAVERYou and encourages anyone who is seeking purpose from pain to listen and participate. New episodes are on their way, so stay tuned! You can find us on Google PlayiHeartRadio, iTunes, Podbean, and YouTube. Click here if you would like to be a guest on the show!



The CanSurvivor’s Network aims to be one of your first stops when learning you or someone you know has heard those dreaded three words, “you have cancer.” Much of the information available is disconnected, which is a barrier to care that is frustrating for all involved. One aspect of eliminating financial toxicity in the cancer Universe is promotion and educating consumers on ethically supporting patient-owned ventures. 

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