Pink Perfect Prosthetic Nipple for Breast Cancer: Michal Koleth Arbel | Episode 024

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the one and only Michal Koleth Arbel , founder and CEO of Pink Perfect, a personal favorite brand of mine that creates prosthetic nipples for those afflicted by breast cancer.

Michael shares how she came up with the idea, the steps she took, and how it has changed her life for the better. This episode is packed with information, and if you are watching on video, you can see what the bold pair look like on!

I love my Pink Perfects SO much that there is a special offer for you. Use the code ‘Pink25’ and take advantage of a special offer. For those of you that do not have nipples, there is an option without surgery.

This month is Breast Cancer Action Month, and one way to take action is to participate in the #KissThis4MBC and #More4MBC challenges. #KissThis4MBC: Post a selfie with this hashtag, and Novartis will donate $15 will towards Metastatic Breast Cancer organizations METAvivor and Metastatic Breast Cancer Network (MBCN). Tag three people, and let’s keep this going! #More4MBC: Post a picture of yourself and/or others doing the “Thriver Pose,” and $100 will be donated to either Metavivor, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, or Young Survival Coalition.  It’s really that easy!

We have a private group for survivors only, so please join.

Ladies and gents, you have options with reconstructive surgery! Please share this episode with anyone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, as new technology is available with less scarring AND pain. 

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