Financial Navigation with Aimee Hoch | Episode 031

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is Aimee Hoch, MSW of Grand View Health located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania! Aimee is an Oncology Financial Navigator who has been serving in social work for over 14 years. As a non-survivor, she is working each day with patients as they attempt to determine their most affordable and feasible treatment options. Naturally,… Read More with Kaitlin Christine | Episode 030

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is Kaitlin Christine of, a wellness and advocacy organization. Kaitlin discusses her experience as a Previvor turned Survivor, as well as her motivation behind starting HerStory. You may want to have tissues handy, because Kaitlin bravely discusses her experience as her mother’s caretaker as her mother battled Metastatic Breast… Read More

Four Years After the Diagnosis: A Reflection | Episode 028/029

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode took two attempts to record, as I just hit my fourth Cancerversary. Why did I fail the first time? Well, you’ll have to check out the footage! While I hoped to release this episode on 11/11, I re-recorded on 11/18. Thank you for your patience and understanding listener, as November… Read More

The Power of Burlesque with Marki de Sade | Episode 027

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the beautiful Marki de Sade, a Burlesque Queen and breast cancer survivor. Located in the Columbus, Ohio area, Marki has been using burlesque as a form of expression while flipping illness on its head. Marki shares her story, which has been nothing short of extraordinary. After receiving a BRCA2… Read More

American Cancer Society Programs & Services | Episode 026

Universe, what’s good?! We have a double feature in this episode. Today’s guests are the amazing Lori Knous and the wonderful Heidi Nafziger. Lori recently went to Washington DC as a Special Correspondent for The CanSurvivor Network. Heidi is the Senior Community Development Manager for the American Cancer Society. As an early stager who developed stage four… Read More

Support for Cancer Patients: The Victory Center | Episode 025

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the lovely Penny McCloskey, Program Director of The Victory Center, a Toledo, Ohio-based center that provides support for cancer patients, survivors and families through free programs, classes, and support groups. Penny shares how her life path led her to The Victory Center, an overview of services, and how The Victory… Read More

Pink Perfect Prosthetic Nipple for Breast Cancer: Michal Koleth Arbel | Episode 024

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the one and only Michal Koleth Arbel , founder and CEO of Pink Perfect, a personal favorite brand of mine that creates prosthetic nipples for those afflicted by breast cancer. Michael shares how she came up with the idea, the steps she took, and how it has changed her… Read More

This Exceptional Journey with Yolanda Murphy | Episode 023

Universe, what’s good?! This month is #BreastCancerACTIONMonth, and boy, are things in motion! We have a private group for survivors only, so please join. #KissThis4MBC: Post a selfie with this hashtag, and Novartis will donate $15 will towards Metastatic Breast Cancer organizations METAvivor and Metastatic Breast Cancer Network (MBCN). Tag three people, and let’s keep this… Read More

Episode 022 | Perfect

Universe, what’s good?! Venus is in retrograde, and I’ve made it back from New York City. Hear all about the trip in this episode, as well as word from our new sponsor, Pink-Perfect! Listen for a very special offer. Ladies and gents, you have options with reconstructive surgery! Please share this episode with anyone who… Read More

Episode 021 | New York State of Mind

Universe, what’s good?! We’ve made it to episode 21, as well as 1,000 downloads! We did it! In this episode, I make a simple request. Please contact me with your feedback because we’d love to hear it! The podcast is expanding, and your help will make it happen! Spend some time catching up on additional episodes,… Read More