The Power of Support with Chris Thompson | Episode 033

Universe, what’s good?! Welcome to episode 033! We are finally back, and boy, do we have a few announcements! The podcast is now on YouTube, so please subscribe there as well! Special thanks to Joe and Dilla’s Delights for making a girl feel special. Elsie, you’re amazing! It has been a magical birthday. I was recently featured… Read More

Managing Scanxiety | Episode 032

Universe, what’s good?! Welcome to the first episode 0f 2019! What do you think about the potential name change? Please sound off in the comments! 🙂  The podcast is now on YouTube, so please subscribe there as well! In this solo episode, I talk about a recent cancer scare that occurred last month. Knowing the… Read More

The Art of Getting Your Shit Together | Episode 026

At age 29, Kelsey had a blossoming career, solid friendships, and a handle on her mental health. She thought she was on her way to living a happy, fulfilling life. While in Phoenix, she climbed up the corporate ladder, working side jobs and obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree. Eight days after landing her… Read More

Four Years After the Diagnosis: A Reflection | Episode 028/029

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode took two attempts to record, as I just hit my fourth Cancerversary. Why did I fail the first time? Well, you’ll have to check out the footage! While I hoped to release this episode on 11/11, I re-recorded on 11/18. Thank you for your patience and understanding listener, as November… Read More

The Power of Burlesque with Marki de Sade | Episode 027

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the beautiful Marki de Sade, a Burlesque Queen and breast cancer survivor. Located in the Columbus, Ohio area, Marki has been using burlesque as a form of expression while flipping illness on its head. Marki shares her story, which has been nothing short of extraordinary. After receiving a BRCA2… Read More

Support for Cancer Patients: The Victory Center | Episode 025

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the lovely Penny McCloskey, Program Director of The Victory Center, a Toledo, Ohio-based center that provides support for cancer patients, survivors and families through free programs, classes, and support groups. Penny shares how her life path led her to The Victory Center, an overview of services, and how The Victory… Read More

Episode 022 | Perfect

Universe, what’s good?! Venus is in retrograde, and I’ve made it back from New York City. Hear all about the trip in this episode, as well as word from our new sponsor, Pink-Perfect! Listen for a very special offer. Ladies and gents, you have options with reconstructive surgery! Please share this episode with anyone who… Read More

Episode 021 | New York State of Mind

Universe, what’s good?! We’ve made it to episode 21, as well as 1,000 downloads! We did it! In this episode, I make a simple request. Please contact me with your feedback because we’d love to hear it! The podcast is expanding, and your help will make it happen! Spend some time catching up on additional episodes,… Read More

Episode 019 | Craziest Week of My Life

Universe, what’s good?! Thank you for tuning into episode 019. This will be a quick one, as life has gotten rather chaotic as of late. Catch me on the “Your Day” program on WTOL with Ben Hoffman this Tuesday, September 4th. We will be discussing the upcoming support group which will be occurring on September 6th… Read More

Episode 015 | Giving You the Best That I Got

Universe, what’s good?! Thank you for sticking with me as this podcast evolves! It’s a great thing that I released this later than my normal Sunday because I have information about a Young Survivor Support Group in the NW Ohio, SE Michigan area! Tune in to hear what’s new. Special thanks to the American Cancer Society,… Read More