It’s Just a Hiccup with Tawny Rachelle | Episode 043

Universe, what’s good?! Today, we are featuring one of the biggest fans of The CanSurvivor Network: Ms. Tawny Rachelle! Tawny is a stage two breast cancer survivor, and her story epitomizes divine timing. While her doctors were unable to find any indications of breast cancer after her yearly woman’s exam (and gave her an “all clear”), less than one month later she would discover she did indeed have stage two breast cancer. You’re not going to want to miss her story!

If you are considering whether or not to reconstruct after a mastectomy, this is an excellent interview to listen to, as Tawny instinctively knew she wanted to go flat. Tune in as we discuss her treatment, how her life has changed since her diagnosis, and our other favorite topic: Music! She was also recently published in Wildfire magazine as well.


Tawny is a stylist in the Austin area, so naturally, we had to talk hair. If you would like to purchase the product we discussed, you can check it out here. Tawny can be found on Instagram and Yelp! Tawny is also raising money for costs of surgery. You can donate to her campaign here.

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Production Credits

Joseph Coutcher – Production

Travis Moore – Vocals

Tre’sja Ellis – Make-Up

Music Credits

“Feeling Good” by LAKEY Inspired

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