HerStoryHerWay.com with Kaitlin Christine | Episode 030

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is Kaitlin Christine of HerStoryHerWay.com, a wellness and advocacy organization. Kaitlin discusses her experience as a Previvor turned Survivor, as well as her motivation behind starting HerStory. You may want to have tissues handy, because Kaitlin bravely discusses her experience as her mother’s caretaker as her mother battled Metastatic Breast Cancer, only to find out she was also headed towards the same diagnosis.

Our conversation was both poignant and informative as we discussed Kaitlin’s experiences with her medical team, how she had to take matters into her own hands, and the way her career was impacted as a result. As an advocate, Kaitlin worked for global organizations and is extremely knowledgeable. You can read more on her experience here. You can reach Kaitlin through EmailInstagram, or Twitter

Ladies, the next time you receive a letter stating you have dense breasts, please thank Dr. Nancy Cappello for her advocacy work. As an individual with dense breast tissue whose breast cancer nearly went undetected, she worked tirelessly for transparency. Read up on Dr. Nancy Cappello here, who we lost to Metastatic Breast Cancer this week. 

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