American Cancer Society Programs & Services | Episode 026

Universe, what’s good?! We have a double feature in this episode. Today’s guests are the amazing Lori Knous and the wonderful Heidi Nafziger. Lori recently went to Washington DC as a Special Correspondent for The CanSurvivor Network. Heidi is the Senior Community Development Manager for the American Cancer Society.

As an early stager who developed stage four within years, Lori is continuously looking for answers and crusades for all metastatic breast cancer thrivers. Tune in to listen to her experience, and how it affected her. 

Next is the super-informative interview with Heidi. Established in 1913, the American Cancer Society hopes to eradicate cancer through various initiatives and programs.

Heidi shares with us what the American Cancer Society offers, the impact the organization has made in the breast cancer space, and how the organization protects us from exposure to harmful elements through advocacy and action. We also discuss Heidi’s journey since joining ACS. If you have ever wondered how such a large organization makes a local impact, this is your episode.

This month is Breast Cancer Action Month, and one way to take action is to participate in the #KissThis4MBC and #More4MBC challenges. #KissThis4MBC: Post a selfie with this hashtag, and Novartis will donate $15 will towards Metastatic Breast Cancer organizations METAvivor and Metastatic Breast Cancer Network (MBCN). Tag three people, and let’s keep this going! #More4MBC: Post a picture of yourself and/or others doing the “Thriver Pose,” and $100 will be donated to either Metavivor, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, or Young Survival Coalition.  It’s really that easy!

We have a private group for survivors only, so please join.

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