Episode 015 | Giving You the Best That I Got

Universe, what’s good?! Thank you for sticking with me as this podcast evolves! It’s a great thing that I released this later than my normal Sunday because I have information about a Young Survivor Support Group in the NW Ohio, SE Michigan area! Tune in to hear what’s new.

Special thanks to the American Cancer Society, Humor Beats Cancer, the Victory Center, and Mercy Health for all you do to help the cancer community. Check out my guest entry with Humor Beats Cancer here!

This episode is a heavy one, so be prepared. As I am entering my third year of post-treatment, I’ve been reflecting on the roadmap of my life. Much of my time has been spent in isolation mode. Since I can’t change it, I have to prevent it from happening to anyone else. These are seven things I wish I had known sooner about post-treatment life.

Whether you are a survivor, a co-survivor, or have a loved one impacted by breast cancer, you’re going to want to tune in to gain insight on the beauty and the pain of a young diagnosis. If you know somebody who needs comfort, this is the episode to share! I want to touch as many lives as possible, and someone needs to hear this message. 

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